No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Monday, 29 September 2008

A whole month...

It's been an entire 30 days since I've last posted anything here... Boy, time flies when you're damn busy - not that I'm looking for excuses, I'm just really really busy at the moment. It always seems like, as we go towards the end of the year, life just gets more and more hectic and crazy. And every year it just seems a little bit more crazy than the year before. Maybe my age is.... No, that's not it - I'm just looking for excuses. So, what's been happening in our lives?
Summer had hit with all it's might and our daily temp is hitting the mid - thirty's (about 90 Plus Fahrenheit) again. Thank the Good Lord for AC in cars, houses and offices. We also thought that it's time for the kids to get their 'Summer Cut' and this is how they looked just after they returned from the parlour - those little bows in their hair lasts about 32 seconds before the play removes them. That pink thing lying in front of Jess is her favourite toy - a pink pig made of sheep's wool and stuffed with a 'squeaky' - she's on her second one this year already, and Dawie keeps hiding it away!
We spent a lovely weekend away in the Pilgrims Rest area - an old Gold mining town that is now a national monument/tourist trap. This was one of the first places Dawie and I visited together years ago and, even tough the place has become very commercial, we still love visiting there and just dawdling from shop to shop. And it's only 350km (about 220 Miles) one way from home, so an easy weekend drive - 3 hours.
Then this weekend we went to Bela Bela (The Tswana name for Hot Springs or Boiling Boiling) for our annual family fest that was held there. This is when the whole family gets together for a weekend once a year and just talks, eats, plays games, eats, talks, eats and catches up with each others lives. Oh, did I mention that we eat a LOT! Very typical 'Souf Efriken' tradition is to show your 'love' for someone by feeding them, and since Dawie is still in recovery and still very thin my entire family all watched his every move around meal times. (And he's not a very big eater at the best of times...) We were around 150 odd people there this year - Lot's of fun!
I'll post some pictures next time and I promise that it won't be a whole month again...
Hope y'all are well!