No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Monday, 10 December 2007

Off on holiday...

I'll be out of touch for about a month! This is a wonderful thing, as it means that I'll be with the man I love for a full, uniterupted 30 days...

Here's wishing y'all a wonderful, blessed Christmas and the best possible 2008! I hope that this time is filled with love, understanding, kindness and of course a really fruiful time!


Friday, 7 December 2007

Time and consequence...

The last week has been a BITCH! Spent the whole week in one meeting after another doing/planning financial budgets for the next 12 months. As much as I'm a trained CA/bean counter, financial budgeting is about as much fun as being stabbed repeatedly... And sitting there with CEO's, Development Teams from two very different countries and all the related 'big wigs' drove me to the edge of sanity. Well, all I ever thought about was next week when I get to climb on a plane and fly 'home' to the love of my life!

Strange how time passes... I still consider myself young and alive, and most of the time I also feel young and alive, but when you look at the figures, this would have been the time when I was about 11/12 years old, and my parents at that stage looked OLD and DECREPIT to me, so I must also - by definition, be old and decrepit. Well, sorry, I'm changing the rules - it is my life after all, and I can do whatever the hell I please! I will not become old and decrepit, no, I will remain young and vibrant ad infinatum!

I will colour my hair till the day I die, I will use every product available to man to keep the wrinkles at bay (without resorting to invasive surgery), I will keep going out to places where the music is loud, the dancing is carefree and the atmosphere is vibrant. And I will live every day as if it is the last!

My opinion is - bugger age, I will be as old as I want for as long as I want!

Hope y'all have a fruitful weekend now!


Thursday, 29 November 2007

Looking back at 2007.

It's nearly the end of the year, and as most (well, some at least...) of us do, we make New Years resolutions that are broken within the first few hours of the new year. I, however, do not have new year's resolutions, but goals for a new year. And now is the time to look back and see how I've done...

1. Love my hubby even more - Impossible not to do, so check! He makes every day worth living.

2. Go to at least 5 new interesting places I've never been - check! (Kilifi, Lamu Island, Dar-es-Salaam, Kampala & Watamu plus lots more, but it becomes long winded.)

3. Quit smoking - Mmmm, not so much check... But at least I've cut down dramatically...

4. Lose the tube - Ongoing check - lost a total of 9kg and 6 inches around the waist already and still going strong. Looking and feeling a LOT better.

5. Don't lose my temper so badly - Sort-of check. I think I've matured a lot this year, but still lose my rag a little sometimes.

6. Get fit - Check! Hitting the gym-thing three times a week, every week. Can feel it in my energy levels and also in my lower back that use to give me hell, but its no longer painful all the time. (Maybe the acupuncture helped here too.) No six pack yet (Don't think it will ever be) but at least a flat-ish stomach, and I don't drag over my own tracks in the sand with my droopy arse anymore...

7. Grow my career - Big time check! I feel that this year I really achieved a lot, and it has meant a lot for my career growth as well as my personal satisfaction achieved! I've learnt a lot about stuff I've never done before, I've spent time with some of the most dedicated people in their respective fields, and also shared so much knowledge with my staff.

8. Have fun - Another big time check! Had some real fun with my staff - it's a laughing office, and had real fun away from the office. Learnt how to drive a four wheel drive trough mud and went 'playing' quite a few time.

9. Get over my irrational fear of spiders - Miserable failure... Never will get over this one. I still scream like a girl if there's a spider within 400 nautical miles.

10. Love and live more - Big time check! This has been such an honest year for me. Disappointments, yes a few, but mostly I can say that I've really lived.

Now it's time to set my goals for next year. It get more challenging every year...

Hope y'all have had your dreams come true!


New art.

I've been meaning to post some pictures of the art at home (some more here) for a while, but it's one of those things that just does not seem to happen. All of these are done by 'local' artist - local meaning East African - Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Etiopia, Sudan, DRC etc.
This specific piece is hanging in the lounge over the fireplace. The contrast with the stone wall is just stunning...
This I bought in Dar-es-Salaam and VERY carefully carried back to Nairobi as hand luggage. It's actually not a painting but two carvings in a wooden box frame. Hanging in the lounge area on a little 'dead' wall between two bay windows.
And now for some reason 'blogger' won't allow me to download more pictures - bugger blogger...
Will try again later.
To be continued...
Have a fruitful day now, y'all!
AND THE DAMN THING IS MESSING UP MY SPACING... You wanna mess up a girls day, mess with my arangment of thing!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Wandering mind...

It was one of those nights were sleep evaded me for a few hours, and every single magazine/book in the house has had a paging trough, so there I lay... As is the norm in a situation like this, the mind starts taking a little stroll. Lying there, listening to the sounds from the forest next to the house - boy I'm going to miss this when I move to Cape Town, the friendly neighbours not so friendly dog barking - the thought of poisoning this bugger came to mind quickly dispelled by my better judgement (I am an animal lover, after all!), and then my thoughts drifted to Dawie...

Here is a man that, for the last few years, has taken my life over completely. Now, some might say this is a bad thing, but I believe it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is both grounded and a dreamer, both giving and selfish (about our time together, our shared experiences, our life), both whimsical and totally predictable. But, trough all this he is a pillar. A pillar of strenght and security, of love and devotion, of utter dedication to me and to us. What more could I possibly ask for?
Well, all I can ask for is to be blessed with more years together, more time, more laughter and even some tears (yes, they make up a part of any relationship). Thank you my sweet, sweet man for being exactly who you are.
Ps: 13 Days and counting towards a WHOLE MONTH of us time! Cannot wait!

Monday, 26 November 2007

Long time no...

It's been a crazy few weeks here with lots to do, lots to plan, financial budgets to complete and all this while I just cannot wait for the days to pass till our 'wonderous' summer holiday! I've been up to my nipples in paperwork for the last two weeks and have hardly had time to think... (Something I do very often, always jumping to the most ridiculous conclusions.) So, what's been going on in Nairobi?

We're in the midst of the 'short rains' and it seems to not want to end. Today is a lovely sunny day, as was yesterday, but last week was terrible. Rain, mud, cold winds - not very summery... Also visited the Bizarre Bazaar on the weekend and bought the most beautiful handmade teak chest with brass detailing. Had to lug this thing all over the bazaar as it was bought at one of the first stalls we visited. Typical of me - HAD TO HAVE IT THERE AND THEN! I have absolutely no self control when it come to pretty things.

Had lunch at Rangers on sunday, and sat looking out over the national park - life could be worse... Had a lovely lunch followed by a raid on the veranda by one of the resident baboons. He helped himself to some leftovers on our plates and succeeded in getting a British tourist type person at the table next to ours in a total 'tiz'. Could have sworn she was being physically asaulted by this poor creature...

The rest is basically just much of a muchness. Work is driving me crazy and, even thought we are winding down towards the end of the year, seems to be no less than usual. All I'm thinking about at the moment is the 11th when I'm catching a flight to Joburg for a break!

Hope y'all have a really fruitful day now!


Friday, 16 November 2007

My life as I see it.

Sitting here with Depeche Mode playing on the old iPod-thingy - in fact, song is 'Try Walking in my shoes', so feeling all philosophical and deep. I've been on this earth for close on 39 years, had my share of happiness, sadness, stupidity and moments of pure brilliance (a.k.a pure luck!), and all the current 'fluctuations' in my life has made me think of how truly wonderfully rich I am.

Yes, I am rich beyond measure, but not in the way that people usually use the word. I am rich in that I have somebody in my life that truly loves me for who I am, and not what I can provide. I am rich with a family that loves me dearly, and loves my partner for who he is. I am rich with a group of friends all over the world that will walk in my shoes, as much as I will walk in theirs. I am rich not because I have a bank balance that is in the black, but because of people around me - both physically and emotionally.
I might be as queer as a three dollar bill, but my life is as straight as a US Republican. (No wait, that does not work at all...)
I hope you all have a stinking rich weekend!

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Life is funny...

I've been in two minds for quite some time now about my 'role' in Kenya, and whether this is the best thing for my relationship, my career and my life in general. Yes, hubby and I discussed the move at lenght, but there is this constant 'niggle' in the back of my mind about what this is doing to us, and whether my career was really advanced by this move, but I digress...

On Friday last week, the CEO was in the country and came into my office to speak to me. He asked me whether I would be interested in a new project that was started in Cape Town, and would I be willing to move to Cape Town to run this project for the Africa division of the business. We spoke at lenght about what it would involve and to be honest, I'm very interested. He even asked me whether my partner (hubby) would be willing to relocate to Cape Town in order for us to be together - they would endeavour to offer him employment in another division of the company... (Sound a bit like nepotism, but this would be offered to any 'straight' couple that would need to relocate to another part of the country/world.) I'm gob smacked. As all these 'concerns' are running trough my mind, this comes along...

Well, my response was that yes, I would be interested, yes, I would need to discuss relocation with hubby, yes, they should make me an offer and we can start negotiating, and yes, I would not mind all the travel involved, as long as it does not exceed certain pre-set limits...

Wow, don't really know about how this happened, just glad it did! I'll be very sad to leave Nairobi, but will still visit here quite often, so altogether not a bad thing. And, to be honest, there are worst places to live than Cape Town...

Hope y'all have your dreams come true today!


Monday, 5 November 2007

The weekend...

Had a few people over for lunch on Sunday, and it turned out to be quite a nice day. In the evening we went to the Karen Country Club (Very posh affair!!!) to watch the Guy Fawkes fireworks display that was 'fired' off over the golf course. All very pretty...

The KCC is a very elitist country club that's not too far from my home. Very posh - don't worry, I'm not a member - too elitist and WAY too expensive for my very tight wallet. Just could not be bothered joining a club where your wealth (or lack thereof) includes or excludes you from society. Anyway, if I walk in there I drop the median age by about 50 points...

Back to Sunday lunch. Last week I invited a few friends to come and have lunch in the garden as the weather is really nice and warm at the moment, and the garden is looking stunning. The lavender bushes are in full bloom, the day lilies have so many flowers in them that the bush is hanging to the ground, bird's a chirpin', squirrels a squirillin' etc etc. Really loverly. Anyhoo, so E offers to make main course on Wednesday, so now I'm down to starter and dessert, and then on Thursday two calls - Ida will make a decadent chocolate brownie cake, and N&A will make a starter. This leaves me with salad and starch - which C&C decided they would bring on Friday. So for my 'Sunday lunch party' I did absolutely nothing, except pour drinks and sit back! We had prawns on sugarcane for starters, a STUNNING butter chicken with cous-cous and spinach, feta and chickpea salad, and the richest chocolate brownie cake with fresh strawberries for desert. Oh, I did make great Kenyan coffee afterwards, so did not just sit on my 'tuchas' all day...

All this talk of food is making me hungry - time to delve into my lunchbox and get out the leftovers...

Hope y'all have a fruitful day now!


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Random thoughts and stuff.

A while ago, I did a post on a bit of my personal history as it makes us what we are, and also what we will become in life. Why start with this? Don't know - as usual, just sitting her typing away trying to make sense of it all... That is where and why I started this blog.

This is a forum that I can share stuff 'without' having to worry about people getting hurt or feeling as if we stab them in the back (and in the process getting it of my own backs) - but it also comes with some responsibility... There is so much 'out there' on the net that can be harmful or bad, but also so much that is good and worth reading/looking at. The bad stuff is unavoidable to an extent - people will always use a public forum to promote their own sick/warped ideas, but the good stuff - that is what makes the blogosphere so worth it. I've made some 'friends' here, people I do not know at all (in person, I mean), but people that have a place in my life. People that will - even if I never meet them, always be part of a time in my life that was both exciting and terrible.

I've been contemplating my 'career move' to Kenya for a while now, and I'm wondering whether this is worth the effort and time spent away from loved ones. (Well, basically, one specific loved one...) The experience has been invaluable, but I'm just wondering in the back of my mind what I've missed. It's been two years now that I've been away from home, and as much as hubby and I chat/text/skype/call etc etc, I still need that contact with him. He is such a wonderful and giving person, but how do you give of yourself over the Internet or a phone? Yes, we discussed this move at lenght before the time, but in hindsight I'm no longer so sure... Just seem so removed at the moment.

My goodness, just reread this post and it is a bit all over the place.

Hope y'all have a fruitful day now.


Friday, 26 October 2007

My loving, wonderful parents.

Travelling the world, I've experienced such a variety of cultures and different people (and varied views) that sometimes the lines get a little blurred. With me not being able to 'out' myself to anyone here in Kenya (except for a select few) and having to be guarded in my interactions with people in general is just so completely out of character for me. Hate it being back in the closet, so to speak...

I've been out to my parents from the age of 18, long before it became socially acceptable to have gay children, and way before it became fashionable to have at least one gay friend in your group. I remember my mom's reaction so well, and now, looking back at this, I'm feel a certain level of pride well up in me. You see, today my hubby is having his driving licence renewed in SA, and as the ques are a lot shorter in the town where my folks live instead of in Pretoria, we drive there to have it done - using their address and details in the process. Then hubby is joining my mom and aunt for their Friday ritual lunch - mom says at least she gets to spend time with one of her sons... (I'm the only boy - my two sisters live close to 'home' and get to see my folks quite often.) The relationship between my folks and my hubby is wonderful, especially since a previous relationship nearly led to me and my parents never speaking again. (This is a long story, and would require a post when and if I ever feel like sharing that part of history...)

Was it smooth sailing all the way with my folks? No, not at all, but as we all got a little older and a lot wiser, things changed and everybody made the right decision to include each other in each others lives. Now we can proudly stand up together as a family, hold our heads high and face the world as one, united family that will be there for each other till the end of time.

Have a blessed weekend!

Ps: Pic of a 'family' of Zebra - thought it would be appropriate...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

This week.

This week is filled with - yes you've got it - work! Pretty much all I'm doin' at the moment, what with another board (read: bored) meeting early next month, and monthly reports and mergers nothing else doing really. Well, except for tonight, making dinner for two female work mates that are here from Cape Town - Chicken and Prawn Curry with Coconut milk, A nice mixed salad with rocket and pecorini cheese, and dessert will be chocolate brownies with instant 'icecream' (frozen bananas and strawberries that get blitzed with yogurt and honey) and chocolate sauce with amaretto.(Small portions - not going to spoil all that hard work of the last few months with the waistline...)

My big weakness is food. Yes, I'm a food addict and will sell my soal (not really, but nearly) for a good piece of chocolate cake...It takes great restraint from me to not walk into the chocolate aisle at the local grocery store and just fill a basket with an assortment of Belgian delicacies. So, every morning when I have my fruit smoothie for breakfast I tell myself that it's all worth it in order for me not to look like Demmis Roussos. Never really thought that a moo moo was my thing... (How scary is it that I even know who Demmis Roussos is...)

Back to the subject at hand - In the last two months I've lost a total of 8kg - meaning I look more like I should and not like you could throw me on my side, put lights on me and call me the Goodyear blimp... This was achieved by just eating sensibly and not doing my whole bit of eating when I'm depressed, sad, happy, elated, lonely, with company etc etc. Basically, using food as a crutch. And obviously (Well, not for me) exercise three times a week.

Feeling better, have more energy, looking better, sleeping better and working better!

That's all for now folks, hope y'all have a fruitful day!


Monday, 22 October 2007

Rugby and the weekend.

I was so proud of my mother country this weekend, and actually had a tear in my eye when the 'bokke' lifted President Thabo Mbeki on their shoulders and he lifted the world cup! Wow, what a wonderful experience and a wonderful game! Well done guys, you've done us proud!
And as for England:
What is red and white and goes BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP?
The English victory bus reversing back into the 'grudge' !
Hope y'all have a fruitful day now,

Friday, 19 October 2007

A fruitful weekend y'all!

This weekend will be spent with friend, all who have rallied around me 'cause my trip to my hubby was cancelled. It seems they have all decided that I cannot be alone this weekend, as I will fall into the deepest of depressions and inflict grievous bodily harm to myself with copious amounts of red cooldrink and chocolate Bonn-bonns...

So, a seafood dinner tonight with N & A, breakfast with E on Saturday morning, rugby finals (GO BOKKE!) on Saturday eve, lunch with Ida and Budgie (No, he is a human being!) on Sunday, and then hopefully some alone time on Sunday eve, in time for another crazy week at work. As much as I appreciate this from my dear, dear friends, me thinks I will enter next week a little more tired than I depart this one...

Well, for the fear of sounding like I'm complaining with the golden spoon stuck squarely in my gob, I will now sign off.

Sincerely hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Since I've been 'really bad' at bloggin' lately, me thought me would try and at least put something in here today, even if it's completely silly and without substance! (How that is different from what I usually post I cannot explain, but just bear with me...)

Today was one of those days where I should have killed the alarm clock this morning and should have stayed in bed. One of my senior guys at the office came in this morning and gave me his resignation. Off to Iraq on a contract soon, and he feels this would challenge him no end. (Me thinks it's got something to do with the substantial pay package they offering him, but ok.) Kev was one of the guys I really relied on, and he's going to be missed greatly. Now the process of looking for a new guy starts, and you don't just find someone of his calibre behind every bush. Oh well, good luck and keep safe!

My dear hubby is also travelling this week (again!) and is also away from home. He travels a hell of a lot for work (away for three weeks in a month), and he's also really tired at the moment. We both are really. We've decided that instead of travelling to Namibia for our December break, we will be staying at home (Pretoria) and just chill. Cannot tell y'all how much I'm looking forward to this. Besides, Jason will be happy as he won't have to visit Grandma (read: My mom) for three weeks. As it is between the two of us never being at home, he basically lives at Grandma's, and seems ever so reluctant to leave when he's picked up. I know my mom spoils him rotten, and he get's to sleep in my parents bed instead of his basket on the floor where he should be sleeping. Well at least my mother gets to spend time with her 'grandchild', and he gets to spend time with my mom's bunch of girls! (Three daschund bitches - 16 years young, 12 years old and Peanut - the youngest little ball of love and terror!)
Ok, been rambling on but better get home now.
Hope y'all have a fruitful evening!

Monday, 15 October 2007


The weekend was spent with little else in mind than the fact that my trip to SA for the end of this week had to be cancelled due to urgent work that needs to take place here in Nairobi, meaning that it will be another few weeks before I get to see my man again. I cannot tell y'all how dissapointed I am. And telling him on Friday night over the phone was worse... We both miss each other so much it hurts, and then this. Really don't know how much longer I can stand not being with him all the time. He is such a pillar in my life, keeping everything in balance. It just feels pretty crappy to be away from 'home' at the moment. Also does not help that I'm tired and a little overworked at the mo...

Otherwise, I spent some time this weekend catching the world cup rugby semi finals between France and England, and South Africa and Argentina. I must be completly honest, rugby is not my favourite sport (Cricket is!) but I do love to watch 'my boys' play. And did they play! It was not the 'prettiest' rugby match I've ever seen, but the guys really did use every oppertunity given them by Argentina. Now for the weekend and the final!

Will be planning a trip to SA for a weekend soon. This weekend and next will not be possible, but maybe I can fly down for the weekend after that, even if it's only for Saturday and Sunday. Really just need to be close to my man for a bit. After all, it's only a four hour flight. (Plus an hour in traffic to the airport in Nairobi, plus two hours for check in, plus an hour in Johannesburg to get trought passport control, plus an hour in traffic to Pretoria...)

Hope y'all have a fruitful day, filled with love.


Monday, 8 October 2007

Of travels, home, life and being busy.

It's been a crazy few days (again) the last week, with me rushing to Kampala to finilize a business deal, and getting stuck in the whole CHOGM mess in Kampala/Entebbe. You see, at the end of the month, the Commonwealth Heads of State General Meeting takes place in Kampala, and the Queen (The british one) is also going to be there, so all these preperations are being done at the moment to make the city pretty... What tihs basically means is that no matter where you go, you get stuck in terrible traffic jams that just do not move... And it's hot! Very hot!
Enough bitchin' - planning my trip down to Cape Town at the moment for the last two 10 days of this month. Will be in Cape Town for work, but at least the weekends will be spent with hubby in Pretoria - only a two hour flight one way, so will be relatively painless. Picture is of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand. Really pretty place, just don't want to live there...
Anyway, been trying to get this published for the last few hours and getting interupted all the time, so gonna be a bit haphazard...
Hope y'all have a really fruitful day!
Ps: Gay Pride week in SA at the moment - hope y'all have a blast boys/girls!!!

Friday, 28 September 2007

I'm a total girl...

I've got a bad case of the flu at the moment, and being a typical male (and queer to boot!) I'm being a total girl! I'm sorry for myself, I'm pre-menstrual, moody and in general just really miserable. Typically male, I'm sicker than anybody else, and deserve a lot of love and attention and chicken soup and hot toddies and all the other little treats! My goodness, but I am a demanding little shit!

What this post is really about is to wish everybody a healthy, wealthy and wonderful weekend, filled with whatever it is your little heart desires!

A fruitful weekend to y'all!


Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Irritatingly Irritable!

The lack of recent activity on my blog is easily explained. Well, easily explained in my mind, so if y'all don't understand - my humblest apologies...

It's been over eight weeks since I last saw my hubby, and the pressure at work is something phenomenal. Life always seems to rush towards the end of a year, and this year, it just seems as if it's gaining momentum every single day. Every waking moment is spent just trying to get ahead of the pile of paper on my desk, and just like it looks like I'm about to gain a foothold, it overtakes me again. Now I know that we are all probably really busy, and that most of our lives we tend to run from one assignment to the other, but it really is getting me down at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I love what I do (most of the time, at least) but I just feel completely overwhelmed. With the launch of two new products in as many months, the plans for a US$35m investment gaining momentum, and the staff compliment growing by over 200%, I honestly don't know if I coming or going. Yes, yes - do one thing at a time, and just be methodical, but even my usual 'work flow' plan is failing me at the moment. All I'm seeing is me up to my nipples in paperwork... Oh well, at least I'm having fun, right? (NOT!)

Just ranting about it makes me feel better, even if only for a little while. Thank y'all for listening to me!

Have a fruitful day now!


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Me bad!

Been really 'lazy' the last while with posting and blogging - with communication in general really. No, let's be completely honest, have been so busy at work, that I just could not face plugging in the laptop at the end of the day, and logging on from home... That, and all my creative 'juices' were sapped by writing board reports and going trough piles and piles of financial reports. (Mental note to self - in my next life, I do NOT wanna study anything to do with finances...)

Right, so what's been happening here? Endless rain, completely mixed up weather, lots and lots of work, and very little else really. Estelle - a really dear friend, has been going trough a personnel crises, and I've tried to assist her as far as I can, but sometimes feel a little ill equipped for that purpose. I grew up, after all, in a house - although loving and caring, where the general feeling was always - deal with it! I've always tried to be a compassionate and caring person, and me thinks I achieve this most of the time, but not always.

Dawie is traveling a lot for work at the moment, and out of the last month or so, he's spent only one week at home, so he is also tired and basically at the end of his tether. That little break we took a while ago just feels so much like it never happened, and I think we both deserve a longer, and more substantial break soon. Planning to tour trough Namibia in December, so really looking forward to that at the moment. Not sure exactly how yet, but we will be driving from Pretoria to Windhoek via Upington and Keetmanshoop - a round trip of about 5/6000km. Lots of time together, and lots of time just to be... Amazing part of Africa Namibia is, such stunning scenery and contrast, and so sparsely populated, that you can go miles before spotting another living thing.

Will for now focus on our holiday plans for December, all that keeps me going at the moment. Also need to go 'down South' for a weekend soon, miss my Dawie and miss just being with him BIG TIME!

Oh well, all for now, really not too creative at the mo - so sorry for boring y'all to death!

Have a fruitful day now!


Tuesday, 11 September 2007


My thoughts are with my 'Stateside readers today, six years after the tragic events in NYC.

I still remember sitting in peak hour traffic in Johannesburg, listening to 94.7, and how being completely shocked at the turn of events taking place - short of unbelieveable really.

Regards from Africa, y'all!


Monday, 10 September 2007

Life, love, history and all that jazz...

I met my dearest hubby at a barn dance (keep your chuckling for yourself you utter cow!) a few years ago. What has happened since then is a whole mixed bag of joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, silliness, seriousness, good times, bad times - but mostly love.

The one thing that keeps me so devoted to my Dawie, is love. Here is a man that can cheer me up with one word, can make me smile with a look, can read my moods better than any other person on earth, and knows, just knows, where to place his hand while we are sleeping to reassure me he is there...

At one stage our relationship went trough a really rough patch - in fact, it nearly came to an end, but trought love - and heaps of understanding from this wonderful man, we were back on track, and even more secure in each other and in our relationship. He is truly my whole world!

Now that, due to my career, we live apart I miss him every day. I miss that early morning coffee together. I miss the way he lies with his head on my shoulder when we watch tv. I miss his dry sense of humour. I miss the way he makes loving blond jokes when I do something stupid. I miss the way he would come and sit in the bathroom and talk to me when I'm taking a bath. I miss the special way he makes sure everything is just so perfect for me and my neurotic little obsessions with neatness and order. I miss the way he cuddles up to me in the morning when the alarm goes off, and with a raspy whisper says - 'just a few more minutes sweetie'...

I love him so.

It hurts to be apart.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A few pictures!

I feel really 'uncreative' today, so, going to bore y'all with a few more pictures from my part of the world! I cannot always remember what I've posted before (It's called STML - Short Term Memory Loss), so if this is a rehash - sorry!

Mombasa Old city - you can walk for hours trought narrow little streets shopping in what seems to be little shops that come from the begining of the century. Loverly antiques!

This was just such a 'pretty' picture. We went on a Dhow trip around Kilifi creek for a 'sunset booze cruise' - it was friggin' hot, but the G&T's where cold, and they were plenty!

My parents - bless them, have a cottage next to the Kruger National Park in SA, and this is the view of the Crocodile River. We as a family (Me, Hubby, my sisters and their 'better halves' and my folks) are planning a nice break here soon. It is such a blessing that my hubby is so well integrated into my extended family... (Even when I'm not home, he gets invited to the family dinners and get togethers!)

This is Sun City in SA, overlooking the golf course and stunning landscaped gardens. We've spent many a weekend here as a 'mini break' from the madness of the city. Not really into gambling the two of us, but we do enjoy sitting together at the 2 cent machines and screaming with glee if we win something... We can occupy ourselves for hours with R20 (US$3)....

Well, I've once again ran out of time, so that's all folks!
Hope y'all have a really pretty evening now!

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Kampala Part II

Right, as promised a few pictures from Kampala, Uganda - for those of you who have absolutely nothing better to do...

This is from the Hotel balcony. It is RATHER HOT in Kampala, and very humid as the city is close to Lake Victoria, and basically on the equator, so it is a bit hazy.

The biggest export product (yokingly!) of Uganda is bananas, and they are everywhere to be seen! This is a boda - boda. The cheapest form of transport, and used for both goods and people. A bicycle (or small motorbike) with a small platform on the back - these bunches of bananas must weigh a ton!

An informal banana shop next to the road. A local dish called Matoke is made from boiled banana and ground nuts (peanuts) and then mashed to look like mashed potato - very tasty with a local beef stew, or blackbean stew. (Althought, with the bean stew and the matoke, you fart like a machine the next day!)

Sorry, I've run out of time, will have to do some more later!

Hope y'all have a pretty day now,


Monday, 3 September 2007

A whole week...

Just noticed that I've not posted anything for a whole week. just shows how busy I am... (He lies to himself.) Truthfully, been really crazy lately and have not had any real time to do the things that give me joy - instead of the things that keep me out of trouble - big difference there.

Spent a couple of days in Uganda last week - Kampala to be precise, and really enjoyed the trip, even if it was for work. After seeing 'The last king of Scotland', and now visiting the country where it took place was a rare pleasure. The history of Uganda still runs deep in the people of the country, and having talked to a lot of people while there, it seems that even after all these years, those events still have an effect on them.

The city itself is sparklingly clean, the faces all smile, and the 'boda boda's' (Motorcycle and bicycle taxi's) are harrowing. Some of these have up to five people on one motorbike! (Three adults, two kids sitting on the tank.) My driver, bless him, had me shooting prayers most of the time. He uses a ooooold Toyota that was certainly still used to transport furry animals to the Ark in Noah's time, and insisted that he was the fastest, smallest, most nimble thing on the road... My nerves where shot! (The glance I got from his side of the car after I screamed like a girl while he was overtaking into oncoming traffic was precious.) I will post a few pictures of my trip tonight when I've downloaded the camera.

The hotel - The Kampala Serena, is worth every Dollar, and the service, friendly staff, restaurants, facilities, in fact everything is top notch. Now, how can I get the company to send me there again and then I get to stay the weekend and go and see the gorillas...

Enough for now - hope y'all have a fruitful day!


Monday, 27 August 2007

Bladada blada blada...

I've been a bad, bad boy... Well, not really, but one has this love for 'local' art, and these pieces just caught my attention in a big way, so now, they are part of the collection...

These are by a local artist and he 'makes' them by dropping idian ink on partchment, and then blowing the ink with a straw! AMAZING! The two on the left are called moondancing, and the one on the right is called moon gazer.

In my mother tounge, there is a saying that says 'Hy is met die maan gepla', and this means touched by the moon - basically, he's a bit crazy, so make your own deductions here...

Been really busy the last few days with no chance to really update by blog. We've launched a new product, will be launching a new product in a few weeks, and have a whole new team of people on board that need to be 'initialized' in the company culture. All fun, but real hard work...

Anyhoo, better get back to the grindstone.

Hope y'all are having a sunshiny day!


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

New Meds.

Feeling a bit 'under the weather' this morning - had to get up at the crack of dawn - no bull, it was still pitch black when the alarm went off, to attend a working breakfast... Who the hell functions this early in the morning? People who are awake and chipper early in the morning should be dragged into the street and shot! As a result, I do not feel very 'creative' today, so this is a mail received from a friend, and posted here...

New drugs on the market:

Take 2 and the rest of the world can go to hell for up to 8 full

Suppository that eliminates melancholy and loneliness by reminding
you of how awful they were as teenagers and how you couldn't wait
till they moved out!

Plant extract that treats mom's depression by rendering
preschoolers unconscious for up to two days.

Liquid silicone drink for single women. Two full cups swallowed
before an evening out increases breast size, decreases
intelligence, and prevents conception.

When taken with Peptobimbo, can cause dangerously low IQ,
in enjoyment of country music and pickup trucks.

Increases life expectancy of commuters by controlling road rage
and the urge to flip off other drivers.

Potent anti-boy-otic for older women. Increases resistance to such
lethal lines as, "You make me want to be a better person. "

Injectable stimulant taken prior to shopping. Increases potency,
duration, and credit limit of spending spree.

Relieves headache caused by a man who can't remember your
birthday, anniversary, phone number, or to lift the toilet seat.

A spray carried in a purse or wallet to be used on anyone too
to share their life stories with total strangers in elevators.

When administered to a boyfriend or husband, provides the same
irritation level as nagging him, without opening your mouth.
Hope y'all have a pretty day now!


Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Crouch, Touch, Pause... ENGAGE!

The rugby world cup is about to start soon, and as a good 'Souf Efrikan' boytjie, I will be watching most games in anticipation to see how my 'bokke' perform. To be honest, not really too excited about their prospects, but will still support them with all my heart...
The caption for the pic on the left is:
Crouch, Touch, Pause... ENGAGE! (Really 'tickled' my funny bone!)
Makes me think of my 'youth' to an extent as well. You see, I spent my high school years in an Afrikaans High School in the years when segregation was still 'the law' in SA, and as a warm blooded afrikaans boytjie, you had no real choice in the matter when it came to inclusion in a rugby team - that, or you were branded a 'moffie' (Faggot). Boy, did they make a mistake with me...
I've always been a bit left of centre, and flatly refused to be included in a rugby team. (In hindsight, I think I would have loved to play the game, but was just trying to be difficult and not a conformist...) So, I chose to play hockey instead, and got branded for it. If they only knew... Would have loved to 'scrum' with a few of the first team rugby players! Now, at least, I enjoy watching the game and enjoy supporting my team. It's also a good way to socialize with friends.
That's all for today folks - now, y'all have a fruitful day, see!

Monday, 20 August 2007

Weekend & Shopping.

We were blessed with a nice sunny/rainy/sunny weekend. Did a few things, but in general did not really occupy my time too much - in fact, Sunday was spent around the house - in vegetable mode...

On Saturday I did a bit of shopping - my laptop bag broke a while ago, and have not found something that I really like to date, but popped into 'Sand & Storm' and found this 'butch' little number - made of canvas and leather and I think it suits my 'African' lifestyle to a tee... (Mine is more a green colour canvas.)
I'm very hard on a laptop, travel a lot and this poor thing gets lugged all over the place, so me thinks its good to put it in a bag that is a bit more sturdy, and can take all the paraphernalia that goes with business travel.

Then I did the first 'drive trough' furniture shopping I've ever done in my life! All over Kenya you get the 'jui kali' shops - jui kali in Swahili means 'in the hot sun' and it basically means guys that make their living by manufacturing furniture, gates, metal works etc etc next to the road in the hot sun. Here is a picture of my 'jui kali' guy, Peter in his little place on earth. I call him my 'jui kali' guy, 'cause his done a lot of work for me, and I will not go to another one - he knows my little 'idiosyncrasies' by now... Basically, the drive trough bit came this Saturday 'cause it was pouring with rain in the morning, and it was extremely muddy next to the road where his shop is. As Peter knows my car by now, he came up to the car when I stopped to order a new 'outside sideboard' for my veranda. We duly did the whole transaction while I was seated comfortably in my car, and poor Peter ran to and from his little shop to show me samples, colours, finishes etc. I will post a picture of the sideboard when it's done - which should be next weekend! Handmade, custom made and cheap as chips...
Sunday I made a stunning leek and sweet potato soup and spent the day lounging around the house. Oh, I nearly forgot - also purchased three pieces of art for the middle guest room - just having it framed and will be able to collect on Friday. Will also post a picture of these when done.
All this shopping is surely a sign of something - think it's me trying to reward myself for quitting smoking! Not quite there yet, but down to three fags a day now (The dirty nasty kind, not the nice 'edible' variety! - Keep your minds clean guys!)
Gotta get back to my life now, been trying to post something intelligent all morning!
Hope y'all have a wonderful, fruitful day!

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Sunny Skies.

Woke up this morning to a wonderfully sunny day, for the first time in what feels like forever. A beautiful sunny day to me, is like a little peace of heaven on earth. It gives me the will to live again - the energy to go ahead and achieve that 'extra' little bit, and it puts me in the most wonderful mood. Think this is part of the reason I love to live in Africa so much, cannot stand the dreary gray days that so much of the 'western' world is subjected to... My mood is wonderful today, and I'm starting to feel alive and 'fitter' for not pumping my body so full of toxin all the time! Have not completely quit smoking yet, but it's getting there, and already has a positive effect on my wellbeing... (But, this will not be another post on my personal little struggle, as it seems it's all I can talk about at the moment...)

Thought I'd share a few more pictures from my 'travels' across East Africa. Above is a pic from a beach house in Diani on the South Coast. I can sit and watch the sea for hours on end - helps if you're surrounded by good friends and a ready supply of Pina Colada's (Made with fresh coconut milk straight from the tree/palm!)

This is called a 'Dawa' - swahili word for medicine. (Luckily, does not taste like cough medicine at all!)

Recipe is:

A double tot of Vodka in a short glass,

A big spoonful of honey,

Cut a few limes in in thirds, place in the glass and give it all a bit of a squeeze,

Top up with crushed ice, place a straw cut in half in the glass and serve.

Prepare to see your friends and family turn into fools in a REALLY short time! This stuff tastes wonderful, but it does have a bit of a kick!

Last one for today - time has caught up with me...
This is a baby elephant at the elephant sanctionary in Langata in Nairobi - precious little baby was taking a nap and was covered in a blanky! How utterly adorable, and to adopt one costs only Ksh4,000 per year - that is about US$60 per year! That feeds them and helps to rehabilitate the 'little' critter back into the wild. Don't know if I've mentioned this before, but of all the wild animals out there, Loxodanta Africana (African Elephant) is my favourite!
Well, that's all for now.
Hope y'all have a most wonderful day!

Tuesday, 14 August 2007


A 'friend' sent me these...

Quite appropriate I thought!
Now, I hope y'all have a pretty day now!
Ps: Going a lot better today, not so moody, starting to really dislike the 'taste' that the fag leaves in my mouth, and had my first siggie after 9 this morning - instead of first thing as I wake up...
Baby steps...

Monday, 13 August 2007

Smoking & my mood!

I know it's probably all in my head (as in phsycological you dirty bastards!) but I'm in a bit of a mood today! I've cut down to one every four hours or so, and in between I'm CRAVING a fag! (Well, that too, but this one comes with a Camel logo...) Oh, and it's payroll time - so sitting here checking spreadsheet upon spreadsheet of data to make sure we don't skip anybody at the end of the month. My desk is covered in a multitude of colourful files - red (temporary staff), orange (contract staff), blue (permanent employees - editorial), green - well, more turquoise really (permanent employees - advertising) etc etc etc.

So why am I quitting? Besides the obvious reason - it's not good for me, I actually have this all worked out in my mind - should make no sense to another human being, but these are my reasons...

1. I hate the smell of smoke on my clothes! (BTW - have never smoked in my own house or car - cannot stand the smell of it!)

2. Dawie and I are saving for a long, expensive holiday - We worked out that between the two of us, we spend nearly R1400 ($200) per month on smokes, and if we save this money, we can take a trip to a favourite holiday spot next year December. (Holidays are cheaper in SA) We've opened an additional savings account for this purpose, and will be depositing the money there every month. This is our incentive...

3. Smoking has become a hassle - no smoking areas, no smoking in public places... Now it's a 'schlep' to go for a siggie...

4. It controls my life, instead of me controlling it!

There is surely a lot more that I can say here, but these are the main reasons. I refuse to be controlled by a smelly, expensive addiction any longer. (Self talking to self!)

Now, y'all keep your fingers (and toes) crossed, cause this is going to be a battle - but it's still SO worth it!


Friday, 10 August 2007


Just a quick little bitch -

What is it with 'blogger' at the mo - keeps taking my 'very precise and artistic spacing' out of my post, and makes me look like an illeterate fool. (OK, I am word-ly challenged, but do I need reminding from a machine?)

Planning to spend as little time as possible outdoors this weekend - still pretty miserable and cold (about 12C) outside, and in weather like this I become a bit of a hermit. Going to catch up on some of my recorded shows (have a few episodes of Desperate Housewives I need to watch), planning to cook a big pot of Butternut and Sweet Potato soup (With Orange, Ginger and Cinnamon), and then just try and relax a bit. Also bought a few new books last time I went trought 'duty free' and want to start reading...

Hubby took a long weekend in SA, and he is visiting friends in the Vaal Triangle at the moment. Really jelous, would have loved to see Mark and 'bruid' (Bride) again - not his real name... Such good people, lovely soft hearted couple that have also been together forever. Mark is such a teddy bear... This is a pic of him and my hubby a while ago when we were on holiday in Mapumalangha. Mark and I are both about the same lenght, so now you can see how 'tiny' my wonderful man is... (Or how bloody gigantic I am.)
So, here's to a wonderful, love filled and fruitful weekend to y'all!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

Woman's Day.

Today is Woman's day in South Africa - a public holiday there, and a celebration of events that took place on this day in 1956. On that day, 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria with a petition for the Prime Minister, and demanded the abolishment of the pass laws.

Pass law - for those not familiar with SA history, was a law whereby all black people had to carry a pass to enter 'white' areas, and if they did not have this pass, they would face arrest and imprisonment. What this basically meant, was that to work in the 'white' areas, you had to carry a silly little book with you giving you the right to be there...

Now that Apartheid has been abolished - thankfully, I would like to use this day to celebrate women in general.

So here's to you girls! All my dear female friends, and even the one's I don't know -

big shout out to you!
(But I still don't wanna sleep with you, sorry...) ;-)
On another note, a new (well sorta) club has opened in Nairobi, and finally gay folks have a place they can go to and be themselves. Apparently (Have not been there) people are quite open and actual PDA takes place!!! This is a big step folks - I've never been in such a closeted society in my life. But now some bigoted fool wants to go there and 'out' these people in the media.
Obviously the fellow has the mental capacity of a warthog dropping, but more importantly what happened to live and let live? In my youth, I fought very hard in SA for the abolishment of apartheid, walked in Pride Marches to get the message across that gay people are actually not directly descended from Lucifer himself, and fought very hard (In my own little way.) to have a constitution instituted in SA that gave freedom to ALL people, just to be faced with the same type of bigotry in a country that should be free.
Now I realize this is Africa, and I realize that religion still rules this world, but come on folks - get over your own little fears and obsessions - after all, every time I meet someone that protest so vehemently about something, my first thought is ' The lady doth protest too much!'
OMG - suddenly my very meek and mild little blog has become a soapbox - will be getting off now and getting back into my shell. Thank you for bearing with me, and 'listening' to my rant!
Hope y'all have a fruitful day - and give a woman a hug today!

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Terrible weather.

Today is a really gray, cold day in Nairobi. I've come to the conclution that the main reason the British decided to colonize Nairobi, was because the weather is exactly like that in London, and they felt at home...

I'm just taking a little stab - so don't take me too seriously, but the weather is really getting to me. At one stage in my life I was transferred to Cape Town (Picture above of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand - taken in summer, so this is about 20H30 at night) by a company I used to work for. In the beginning, this was very exciting, new city, chance to make new friends, very active gay lifestyle etc etc, but then the first winter came along. I do not mind cold weather, but if this is accompanied by rain and sleet, and everything remains damp and mouldy, I get a little upset. In fact, at that stage I gave them an ultimatum that if they did not take me back to Johannesburg, I would resign... Obviously, the rip roaring laughter from the HR department could be heard by human and animal alike...

Cold gray weather is fine if I have a chance to stay indoors and don't have to drag (pun intended) myself to the office - dressed like an eskimo hell bent on not making a single piece of flesh show. Sniffling, dribbling, miserable 'not so little' me.

As you can see, did not really have much to say today, so decided to keep you busy with a whole load of 'bollocks'.

Hope y'all have a wonderful, fruitful day!


Tuesday, 7 August 2007


Lewis commented yesterday, and made me think for a second or two - 'Count your blessings, not your lack of them.' How wonderful a outlook on life that is, that we can count the good things, and let the things that upset us 'slide'! Sometimes, I forget just how blessed I am. Sometimes I forget that - 'but for the grace of God, there go I'! (My mom used to say that when we saw somebody that was less previledged than we were.) I've always had a plate of food on my table, I've always had a warm place to sleep, friends to talk to, family to support me, and I'm not always truly thankfull about these blessings.

My life has not always been a bed of roses, but to be completely honest, the good times far exceed the bad memories, and bad memories have faded with time. The sadness has passed but the lessons remain. In fact, I bear no grudge towards another human being, and even thought some friendships have fallen by the wayside for whatever reason, I feel no ill will towards these people. I am truly blessed.

I hope your days will also be filled with good memories, smiles and laughter!


Ps: Started quiting smoking this week and going a bit crazy at the moment! Went from a pack a day man to just 5 a day, and really battling at the moment... Keep your fingers crossed! Plan is to be on zero by the end of August!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Weekend's without my love...

Was the first weekend back in Nairobi for a while, and with no specific travel plans for the next bit, not sure when I'll be back in SA to see my hubby again. On the one side I'm glad to be 'home' for a bit, and able to catch up with my staff and work, but on the other side, it also means that my personal life gets 'left behind' a bit.

This weekend Estelle spent Friday and Saturday night at my place, and we watched a few movies, ate a bit (a lot, actually!) and just had a good time. Saturday afternoon Elize joined us, and had a 'girls' afternoon. This basically means, we put on face masks, did heat packs, cooling eye patches, pedicures, manicures, body exfoliations, etc etc. Really rediculous, but it was fun. Used every product in our arsenal, and also went out a bought a few extras... What is really fun about this is that we drink a few bottles of wine, and then follow this up with a meal. Saturday was Oso bucco made in red wine and tomato with steamed basmati rice. (It's still a little chilly here, so nice 'comfort' food is on the menu most of the time.)

Sunday I watched a movies called Gray Matters - a bit silly really, but a good 'coming out' story for our 'thesbian brotheren/sisteren'. I have a lot of really great gay female friends, and love spending time with them - so you gals go and rent this movie now, see!

Just read trought what I've written and it's a whole bunch of hog wash. Trying to write something inbetween all the work, emails, phone calls, instant messages etc etc. Not working really, so going to stop rampbling now. Need to do something here when I have more time to concentrate on what I'm doing. Maybe it's true what they say - a man cannot multi - task...

Hope y'all have a wonderful day, filled with love, hugs and kisses!


Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Back in Nairobi.

Back from the holiday in SA, and feeling a lot more 'alive' - althought, think this will be very quickly dispatched with, as the work is a mountain ahead of me! My goodness, a mailbox can pile up when you don't attend to it's dirty little needs...

Will be posting more on our fantastic holiday, but for now, just a quick note to say I'm back in my little Kenyan world...

Keep well y'all!


Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Ta ta for now...

Will be away for the next 12 days, and will have no access to the internet. (Will be on holiday with my hubby, so the internet will be the last thing on my mind really...)

Just to make everybody a bit yellow, here is a pic of a sunset over the Crocodile River in the Kruger National Park.

Hope y'all have a wonderful time, and think of me 'suffering' trought a few days of rest, relaxation and utter uselessness...


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Things I cannot live without...

Life in general gets so complicated as we 'grow younger' and I've realized that there are a few things that I just cannot live without. Things that, to somebody else, might not mean a hell of a lot, but to me, means the earth, and that will upset me to no end if they had to be ommited. I'm sure that each person has his or her own list, but this is mine. ( Top ten list - in no specific order, except for No1.)

1. My wonderful hubby. The best thing that has ever happended to me. My all...

2. Sunshine - really battle to go for a long period without seeing the sun. Not that I like sunbathing, but seeing the sun, and feeling the warmth on your skin is priceless.

3. A hot shower. Nothing better to get me going in the morning, or wind me down after a long day.

4. A toothbrush - is there anything nicer than having a clean, fresh smile?

5. Body Shop's Body Butter. (No further explanation needed!)

6. Silence - love the sound of silence, that wonderful fulfilling sound of a quite sunday morning in our garden.

7. Family and friends - Who have supported me in the rough times, laughed at me/with me during the silly times, love me for who I am and just in general have always been there for me.

8. Work - As much as I complain about being too busy/not being busy enough/ irritating people/ paperwork/ lack of paperwork etc etc, what would I do without this outlet in my life. Love what I do - end of story!

9. My parents - Which sounds a bit like a repeat of No 7, but they deserve a special mention. Despite our differences, they are my biggest support structure, and love me regardless. And the fact that they accept my partner, and have taken him in as part of their family, is something really special.

10. My children - a.k.a the doggelets, or the puppies or my nunu's etc etc. What joy they bring to our lives, always always there for you...

When I started typing this, I thought it would be things that I could not live without... (I don't really think about what I'm about to post, just start typing really - as you can see most of the time.) Wow, this was a eye opener to me too. Wonder what my therapist would say?

Hope y'all have a really pretty day now!


Monday, 16 July 2007

Some more photo's

Thought today I'd share some unique 'Africa' photos. Things that make Kenya special, things that - after a few years here, you don't notice anymore, but that make Kenya a wonderfull place to be.

This is a war cemetary that we stumbled apon on the way back from Mount Kenya. Perfectly manicured lawns and well kept gardens and graves, and just outside the gate, poverty and scalour... Graves where of British, South African, Indian and Kenyan soldiers and officers that died during the second world war, in the battle for East Africa.

Taken during a dhow trip up the creek at Kilifi, on the North Coast of Kenya. This was the captain - life is just so much more calm here...

Taken in Dar-es-Salaam - once again, no rush in Africa.

Getting a lift from a truck up the hill. Trucks are generally overloaded, so they tend to move VERY slowly. Cyclist hold onto the back of the truck and then don't need to peddle up the hill. It also means they sit in the billowing fumes that the trucks spews out.

Sign at a pub in Mombasa. Note the 'cockage fee' - that tickled my warped sence of humour...
Now, I hope y'all have a fruitful day.
Ps: Only three sleeps and I get to see my hubby! Jipeeeee!!!!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Friday, weekend and work!

Sitting here, just a little irritated... Don't know if I've 'confessed' this before, but I do have a bit of a temper - bugger that, I have a lot of a temper actually! When I lose it, the eruption of Mount Helen looks like a sundayschool picnic on a warm balmy spring day. Everybody is walking little circles around my office today... Bless them!

I've had to change my holiday plans for the end of the month 'cause it coinsides with a vital plan for a division that is moving into our operations at that time, and appartly 'they cannot do it without me'. (He says with just a little chip on his shoulder, btw) At least hubby was able to change his leave plans, and all the places were we are staying is able to change our bookings to a week earlier. Still, work is interfering with my personal life!

Really should not complain too much, after all, if it wasn't for work I would not be able to afford going in nice holidays... Life is a bitch, daaaahlings!

Anyhoo, spending this weekend with Estelle and friends of C & C's that are here from SA, so not too bad. And then on a plane to see 'me husband' on Thursday. All in all, not a bad day. He is traveling for work as well next week, but will be back home by Thursday night, just in time to pick me up from the airport. Loverly!

Now, I hope y'all have a really pretty weekend, and be good!


Ps: Few notes to the comments:

Daniel: Yes, part of the charm of working in Africa is that things have not gone completely 'commercial'. People keep asking me why I love Kenya so much. And my answer is always the same - the people! They are truly phenomenal!

Lewis: I've bought a few soapstone carving there too! Our house in Pretoria and Nairobi covered in African art...

David: Thanks for all the comments! Will share some more pic's as the fancy takes me.

Tom: Pleasure. The 'southern bit' comes from my love for movies. Every time somebody says y'all, I just completely fall in love...

Thursday, 12 July 2007

A few pictures...

Thought I'd share a few pictures today, instead of ranting about something non-sencical...

Taken in the Masai Mara - look at the wonderful reflection in the water...

On the ridge above the Rift Valley - just outside Nairobi.

A 'Boda-boda'. Form of cheap transport. Taken on the road to Naivasha.

Sunset over Lake Victoria. Taken in Kisumu on the 'coast' of Lake Vic.

Outside wall of Fort Jesus in Mombasa.

A picture of the harbour entrance at Mombasa, taken from a gun hole in Fort Jesus.

Now, I hope y'all have a wonderful day, and be good! (Or at least good at it!)

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Wednesday & life on your own...

Last night Estelle slept over at my place - she was stuck without electricity at her home (A regular thing living in Kenya), and I offered to take her in, give her a home cooked meal, a warm bed and a hot shower... To be honest, it really is more than a pleasure to have her there, and she does my soal well at the same time. Good having another person in the house...

Where this is leading basically is that I miss my hubby. Big time! When you are so used to sharing a space with somebody, it becomes part of your being. When, at first, I had to sleep alone again at night, I would wake up at night and get quite frantic if there wasn't another 'breath' in the room. It would feel weird to make one cup of coffee in the morning. I would wonder why the toilet seat is down in the bathroom, till I remember I put it down, and Dawie wasn't there to leave it up... *Smile* Strange how we get so used to living with somebody, and how strange it is when that person is not around. We are all (well I am...) such creatures of habit, and rock the boat just a bit, and that world is suddenly all hurly burly. I miss my hubby, that is it really.

Hope y'all have fruitful days.