No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Monday, 31 March 2008

This weekend.

This weekend was the general election in Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe is a real 'shit' and has been the head of this poor nation since 1980 with the Independence of Zimbabwe. Obviously this election is going to be as free and fair as the war for oil (sorry, peace) in Iraq. (Sorry, that's another post but I thought I'd get a little stab in here.)

With Zimbabwe's inflation rate now (officially!) over 100,000% the average person just cannot survive anymore, and my heart goes out to everybody there. My wishes are that, despite the overwhelming evidence that this will be just another 'African' election, peace will prevail and that Mugabe (who looks more and more like Hitler everyday!) will take defeat as a man. He has, after all, stolen himself quite rich and can retire very well off the poor people of Zim.

Let's see what happens, but I'm not too hopeful...

Hope y'all have a pretty day now!


Friday, 28 March 2008


Was stuck in a bit of a traffic jam last night. Now those of you who've been to Nairobi should know that the gridlock when it rains in this city is something to behold. It is not uncommon to take up to 4 hours to move 20 Km. It has happened to me before, and I'm sure it will happen again... The big problem is a road infrastructure that was developed years ago and has never really been improved, so the round abouts (traffic circles) are a real headache.

So, last night while sitting in this traffic there was an add on the radio that basically said that China Plate - a local Chinese restaurant will deliver take-aways to your car with a scooter if you just let them know your car make and registration number, and between which two roundabouts you were stuck! AMAZING! (The picture is from a time when I was stuck in a taxi from Mombasa Airport to Diani on the South Coast - a five hour trip for 40km!)

I love this country!

Hope y'all have a really, really great weekend.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

An update.

The first batch of results came back yesterday and it all seems very positive. I'm so glad! You see, Dawie does a lot of his work is rural Kwazulu Natal and there are all sorts of creepy crawlies that do the rounds there, so we were a little worried that he might have contracted something strange and tropical while working there. At least that's been eliminated and now we're waiting for the final tests to come back later today. The doc seems very positive that she will be able to sort something out for him. (We trusts her, she's been our GP for some time now and she's a real honey!)
She has prescribed the first batch of medication to sort out the irritable bowl syndrome that was most likely brought on by Dawie's diabetes, so he's feeling a lot better. Why is it that somebody like myself that does not really look after himself (Eat whatever I like, drink a little too much on occasion, smokes - me bad!, virtually no exercise) you will have to beat to death with a two by four one day, and then somebody that looks after him/herself has all these medical issues? Oh well, such is life...
The long and short of it is that I need to get back to SA permanently so that I can make sure that my love is well looked after. I can do the whole low GI thing with our food (can afford to lose a few pounds myself!), ensure that he takes his medication on time, keep his blood sugar levels as level as possible without insulin and just in general support him. So, the discussions are on. I will be transferring back to SA as soon as possible. Will miss this wonderful country and it people, but my priority now lies with the love of my life. He is after all the most important thing in my life...
Just a bit of an update, hope y'all have a pretty day now!

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The new house, my family and my love.

Back in Nairobi and trying to clean out my inbox - goodness, but some people just don't get it when you leave an out of office response...

We moved into the new home last week and it's mostly sorted. One car still has to stand outside - an entire garage taken up by boxes and boxes of books/CD's/DVD's etc, but this will be sorted out soon. Still a few niggles with the house itself - the roof seems to leak in the one corner of the living area so that needs fixin' (It was cold and wet in Pretoria last week!), the additional cupboards in the kitchen are not finished yet (Factory could not deliver due to relentless rain), garden not done yet (Ditto rain), aircon in living area tripping the power (something got wet - rain...), and just small finishing with paintwork etc. Did not expect it to be perfect, but was a little disappointed with so many little things going wrong... Think I've said it before - I'm anal when it comes to planning, and when my plans don't work out exactly like I want it to, Mummy is not a happy camper. Oh well, at least we're in and we can start making this house a home.

Spent Sunday with my family - sisters, mom and dad and it was loverly as usual. Also involved a whole week's worth of food but that is usual as well. Dawie is not a big eater (wish I had his willpower) but the rest of us enjoy lots and lots of rich food - especially if the weather is cool. Nice to smooth over the winter bit with a bit of hot, spicy goulash... Flew back on yesterday's flight and crashed into bed by nine. Tonight I'm having dinner with a friend that's here from Dubai, and then the rest of the week will be spent just survivin'. Can't wait for the weekend...

Will give you a more detailed update when I have a bit more time. Dawie is not well at the moment and is undergoing tests today - feel really bad that I had to fly out, but we should know what's going on later this week and then treatment can start. He's such a sweet thing and tends to keep it to himself if he's not feeling well, but this time I could see that something is wrong and insisted that he go and see a doctor today. Glad he listened...

Hope y'all had a fab Easter Weekend and have a pretty day now!


Thursday, 13 March 2008

Working my little 'tuchas' off...

I've been staring at this screen for the last few hours without lifting my fine petite little head, and my manicure is ruined, ruined I tell you from all the typing being done. Who knew you could 'polish' the front of your fingers by typing at the speed of sound?

It's report time and with me flying to Jozie tomorrow, I need to make sure that everything is done and dusted by the end of the day. Not a lot of fun, but such is life... This is, after all, why they pay me the little money! (Big smile across face a I see the South African Rand weakening dramatically against the US Dollar.)

D and I spoke for about 40 minutes last night and then got rudely dropped by the cellular provider. We are both so excited about the new place and moving and all the new toys we bought that we're like two naughty boys. Correction - we're always like two naughty boys, now just a little more excitable! I also miss my children and would love to roll around on the floor with them when I get 'home' tomorrow evening. Jessie has grown quite a bit and is now a young teenager with too much energy and a will so strong she should be able to move mountains. Jason, lying with his 'mommy' in this particular photo, is his usual casual self that gets phased by absolutely nothing. An A bomb could explode next to him and he would just twitch and ear and give a cursory single bark. That's him - the ice queen! (Yes, he's gay like his two daddy's, not interested in the opposite sex but gives a mean 'ride' to a fellow male dog.) Miss my children...

As for the rest of my life, well much of a muchness. Work, some work, sometimes I work and then other times I get some work done. So, basically - work.

Not going to make much effort with Email and such while I'm gone so going to be quiter than usual for the next 1o days. Hope y'all have a festive and happy Easter Weekend and spend it with the one you love. I know I will...


Tuesday, 11 March 2008

South African Sex Survey.

A bit of interesting reading, if you have absolutely nothing better to do. I participated in the survey so I'm one of the 'supposed' 2,4% of South African men that have exclusively male partners... (Ja right!)

Read it here...

Picture from Gay Pride March held in Cape Town Recently.

Tagged and answered.

Been tagged by a friend via Email and I will not tag anybody else, but I thought this might be 'fun' for some of my readers - give you a bit of insight into the sick, dark world of the Kenyan Worm...

1. Taken a picture completely naked?

Yes, but it was a 'game' the hubby and I played, and we deleted the pictures afterwards. I think we deleted the pictures...

2. Made out with a friend on your MySpace/Facebook page?

Hum, NO!

3. Danced in front of your mirror naked?

Yes - what a sight that was... Actually, I walk around the house nekkid quite often.

4. Told a lie?

Yes, unfortunately. But, I confessed my lie after the fact... We've all been in this situation.

5. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back?

Yes. Once again I think a general thing in life.

6. Been arrested?

Yes, here in Kenya. Here they do not write a ticket for a traffic infringement, they 'arrest' you and take you to the police station where you get to pay a bond amount and they give you a date to appear in court. I was talking on my mobile while driving...

7. Made out with someone of the same sex?

Uhm, JA! Let's turn it around - ever made out with somebody of the opposite sex? Yes, did that too. Still feel a bit silly about that.

8. Seen someone die?

Seem someone close to me wither away and pass away, yes.

9. Slept in until 5pm?

Not anymore, but probably did that in my youth...

10. Had sex at work?

Yes. An ex and I worked together and one afternoon, just before home time... FYI - never work with your lover. Bad, bad idea.

11. Fallen asleep at work/school?


12. Held a snake?

The reptilian kind does give me the hebee jebees, but the trouser variety is a different story altogether.

13. Ran a red light?

Live in Kenya don't I. If you don't run the red light you get rammed up the back!

14. Been suspended from school?

Yes, not my proudest moment.

15. Totaled your car in an accident?

Yes. I was young, stupid and drunk. Thank the good Lord nobody else got hurt. Won't ever drive drunk again.

16. Pole danced?

No - can you imagine the embarrassment!

17. Smoked?

Tobacco - daily. Green green grass of home - in my youth.

18. Been fired from a job?

Never. Retrensched once thought.

19. Sang karaoke?

I'm queer aren't I!

20. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't?

Yes, we all do don't we.

21. Laughed until a drink came out your nose?


22. Caught a snowflake on your tongue?

Yes. Many moons ago in Switzerland.

23. Kissed in the rain?

Yes. Most memorable kiss with my hubby. On the beach in Natal.

24. Sang in the shower?

Who doesn't. Keeps the cats out of the yard.

25. Given your private parts a nickname?

Yes. And gave the hubby's a name too - and no, will not reveal it here.

26. Ever gone out without underwear?

All the time.

27. Sat on a roof top?

Plenty of times. Love to sit somewhere and watch the world go by...

28. Played chicken?

In some ways, in other ways to careful.

29. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?

Plenty of time. Clothes don't usually stay on too long after that.

30. Broken a bone?

Yes - see No 15.

31. Mooned/flashed someone?

Hey, I was young once too!

32. Shaved your head?

Never been brave enough. Too scared it won't grow back.

33. Slept naked?

Every night. Cannot fall asleep if I'm wearing anything.

34. Played a prank on someone?

All the time.

35. Had a gym membership?

Yes, even used it a few times. (He he!)

36. Felt like killing someone?

I'm human after all...

37. Made your girlfriend/boyfriend cry?

Yes, felt like a real shit!

38. Cried over someone you were in love with?


39. Had sex more than 10 times in one day?

Is that even possible?

40. Had Mexican jumping beans for pets?

Had some strange pets in my life, but beans - no. Had a squirrel, a leguaan, few dogs, birds, parrots etc etc. No cat's though - I'm allergic. Still have two Yorkshire Terriers - Jessica and Jason, and a French Patagonian called Peggy Sue Kumahlo (After a winner of Miss South Africa when we got her) - but she's a boy bird...

41. Been in a band?


42. Subscribed to Maxim?

Terribly sexist magazine - so the answer is no.

43. Taken more than 10 shots of alcohol?

Yes. I've slowed down a lot now though.

44. Shot a gun?

Yes, I've even hunted on my dad's farm before. I'm a butch thing me!

45. Had sex today?

Nope - looking forward to Friday when I'm home!

46. Played strip poker?

No, strangely enough, never. (Mental note to self - buy cards for Friday night!)

47. Tripped on mushrooms?


48. Donated blood?

Many a time.

49. Videotaped yourself having sex?

Nope. (Mental note to self, change video camera battery for Friday night.)

50. Eaten alligator meat?

Eaten crocodile a few times.

51. Ever jump out of an airplane?

Tandem jump, but yes. Phenomenal experience!

52. Have you been to more than 10 countries?


53. Ever wanted to have sex with a platonic friend?

Maybe - I ain't tellin'.

Hope I didn't bore you to death...

Have a purdy day now!


Friday, 7 March 2008

What has transpired this week.

Well, the foreman has a hissy fit 'cause Dawie 'let loose' on him, most of the contractors have done what they were supposed to do, except for two who got it from me this morning, I've booked my flight down to Joburg for next week Friday in order to help with the physical move, the moving company has been booked and is ready to do the 'enormous' task of moving our stuff a full ten blocks, and I had a sleepless night due to my little brain not being able to 'switch off''.

It is said that moving house is one of the most stressful events to take place in one's life, but all my previous moves have seem to be a lot smoother than this one. I think it's because I've always decided that what does not get done can be done after the move itself, but this time I really don't want a whole bunch of people 'traipsing' trough our home after we are in. It just feels like such an invasion of privacy, and with age comes a whole new level of privacy. Also, Dawie and I have agreed that this is our last move - the next one is to the funeral parlour. (Well, except if we win the lottery - which we never play - and can move to Monte Carlo for the rest of our lives.) This house has everything we've always wanted and we are not 'making do' with anything this time around. Yes folks, we have become that 'couple of a certain age'. Comfortable shoes, the whole lot...

After all, our pleasure of life is the most important thing, right? We work hard so we deserve a nice place to life.

This weekend I will spend quietly at home in Nairobi - have a few movies I want to catch up on on the PVR, and will go for breakfast with E on Sunday. D will however be working his cute bottom off at home, although I have told him to relax and leave it for next week - sure he won't, know him too well.

Time for me to get going - hope y'all have a purdy weekend now, and be good!


Ps: It was Gay Pride weekend in Cape Town this last weekend. A few pictures can be viewed...

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Back in Nairobi.

Firstly, let me apologise to my regular visitors for the total lack of dedication to my little 'blog' for the last while. It's just been so crazy busy at work, and with all the planning going into the new home. Dawie and I are both tired and irritated with this whole process - think we should plan a nice little break together in the winter over my birthday. Maybe that nice wooden log cabin we went to last year... Anyway, I digress.

I'm back in Nairobi for a while - well, to be honest, just over two weeks and then it's down to Pretoria again. We're moving into our new home over the Easter Weekend, and I cannot let my poor hubby do this all on his own. There is still so much to organize and plan, and I feel that I'm not 'pulling my weight' in this whole affair at the moment - being stuck so far away from 'home'. It's not like I don't want to be involved, it's just rather difficult with bad telephone connections, not being able to visit the site (for obvious reasons) and having to try and explain to builders and contractors telephonically what it is they need to do. It also does not help that both hubby and I are absolute perfectionists and pretty 'anal' about getting things done right first time. (And then there is the little matter of having expensive taste without actually having the means for said taste.)

We've decided to have all the things we want to have done to our home done BEFORE we move in to prevent contractors having to come do the work after all our 'stuff' is in the house. This has proved to be a nightmare... Have you ever tried to get an airconditioning technician to see the 'estectic feng shui way' of installing an airconditioner in a house? Or a blinds guy to see the difference in polished oak and non-polished oak? (Trust me, the difference in colour is DRAMATIC! Non- polished oak just does not go with arabian sunset paint on the walls.) *We are SOOOO gay!*

That aside, all is well and being with my hubby for three weeks was phenomenal. It just once again confirmed to me how wonderful he is, and how great our relationship is. He truly is my best buddy, my ultimate lover and just all round 'better than sliced cheese' guy. We don't always agree on everything - I'm a very clean lines guy, he's more the dramatic over-the-top decorator, but we always come to a mutually found place, without one feeling like he's been cheated out of something. That is special.

Well, been trying all morning to get this out, so better stop typing and get back to work.

Hope y'all have a really pretty day now!