No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Unpacking my life.

I think this is the last of it - we've unpacked the last box of stuff (finally) and can now just live in the new home. The one thing that shook me a bit is exactly how many bottles of 'perfume' we have. My goodness - look at it! We can start a store - and some are duplicates too! My favourite is still Farenheit by Cristian Dior thought...
I've always (well, for as long as I could start buying my own) 'worn' 'perfume' on a daily basis - not overpowering - that's just 'common', but just enough for a hint of freshness to my day. And, I've always believed that you should invest in good quality as they keep their fragrance better and last the whole day - and there's less chance of smelling like a cheap prostitute!
Basically, I've taken a few pictures of the completed 'home' and will post them after some editing.
Hope y'all are having a blast of a day!

Monday, 27 October 2008

New week - last week...

It's been such a crazy time of late - I know I know I've said that already, but it just seems like my life is running away from itself... I will try and sort out my time better once I start at the new job next week!
Yes, I've been head hunted by an affiliate company in the group I work for and I'll start with them from the beginning of November. Should be a challenge and a new exciting prospect - very young crowd and young 'vibe' at that group, so going to have some fun. I think I'm truly blessed that in the VERY insecure economic times that I still get to grow my career (and income) - this in spite of the the fact that EVERYBODY is cutting back staff. So, this is my last week in the company I'm in at the moment and I still have a few things to complete and hand over.
We've just gone trough another series of tests with Dawie and it's mostly good - his liver function was a little shaky but that is being treated now. He's gained a total of nearly 10kg since June and he's starting to look like a human being again - less stick insect like. He still needs to gain at least 10 kilos to be back where he was, but we're getting there. I, on the other hand, need to lose some of these 'love pounds' I've gained since my return to SA. You see - I try and cook food that will help hubby gain the weight, but it also means that I gain the weight! Not so good for a person that is prone to obesity - and I quit smoking, so it's a bit of a double whammy! Oh well, it's half an hour on the stepper three times a week for me.... Hate that bloody stepper - climbing stairs to nowhere!
Have made a mental note that I should really try and 'get to' my blog more often and also try and read my 'blog reads' more often as it feels like a bit of a void in my life at the moment. Now to make the time for that...
Hope y'all are well, and hope that my US readers have 'fun' during their last few days of campaigning before your general 'erection'.
Go Barack Obama!

Friday, 10 October 2008


It's been one of those weeks where Hell would have spat me out for my mood! Bless Dawie for putting up with me sometimes... I've been in a foul mood all week and have no reason other than real stress and workload. I know, it's pathetic, but hey - even this wonderful man is only human! (SNICKER!) So, this weekend I'll make up for it by treating the husband to a little bit of pampering.

Tonight we'll go to his favourite seafood restaurant for some prawns, and we'll lie in tomorrow morning while I make us breakfast in bed - eggs benedict is one of our favourites and it's not too difficult to make. (Mental note to self - stop at Woolies Foods on the way home for ingredients.) And then on Sunday it's lunch with my family - so that should be fun as well. No wonder I look like the Goodyear Blimp at the moment - just turn me on my side and trow a few lights on me and you would not be able to tell the difference!
Anyhoo, after 'writing' a whole load of hoohie - here's wishin' y'all a lovely and fun filled weekend!