No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Thursday, 31 January 2008

A new day.

My thoughts remain with the situation in the country, but I refuse to have this dictate how I live any longer. I choose to have a positive outlook on life, always, and I now exercise my right to that positive outlook!

I have a choice to 'get out of here' and go 'home' to my loved ones, but what kind of message will that send to all the people that play a part in my life here? No, I choose to stay here and 'grin and bear' it with them. Not because I'm such a brave little camper (mind out the gutter boys!), but because I will not allow idiots and fools to rule my life!

Back to business for me!

Hope y'all have a fruitful, smiling, happy happy day!


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

A local friend commented on my previous post, and even though anybody can go and read his comment, I've decided to actually post this here - with permission.

He is a young Kenyan with a very positive outlook on life, and truly does not deserve this to happen to him...

Yep, all this events are really petrifying ... Inasmuch as am really sorry for the family of the late MP, I do not understand why politicians should react so strongly towards it while in the last few weeks, when hundreds were dying in Rift Valley, none of them stood up to speak but kept pressing on with their selfish political ambitions ... Is it that common people are dogs and politicians human?

Both leaders have truly failed us ... ODM has shown that it wants power whatever the human cost ... The president is worse than a puppet, failing to assert himself to ensure security in the country ... and there are talks about how he rigged himself in ... which if true, it means he just took us all for a ride. I am really bitter because I am from the rift valley, and bore witness to endless days of road blocks and eviction of the 'wrong tribe'. I am a Kalenjin from eldoret and at the moment i cannot travel home to my parents coz mungiki gangs along naivasha road would make minced meat of me ... the same goes for the kikuyus who dare go towards eldoret coz the so called kalenjin warrior gang bays for their blood. I wonder how my parents will plant their farm this year coz where will they get the seeds and the fertiliser ...

My two sisters have fled from naivasha and nakuru without carrying anything and they have no idea whether they will come back with their property intact .. or whether their landlords will accept them again. They told me that human heads have been grimly arranged along fence posts in some parts .... I do not believe it is us kenyans fighting each other ... we have lived in peace for long ... someone is supplying this gangs with guns, food and all manner of artillery to lay siege on us and then blame it on members of a certain tribe.

I am so bitter and wonder why we fought against colonialists if we knew we were still to keep killing each other. The good thing is that am young ... young enough to forgive ... young enough to dream again and build a better Kenya.

Peace bro .. that is all I sing

My heart goes out to all Kenyans who have suffered because of this ordeal. I've not really been badly affected in any way, as I'm one of the 'priveledged few' who has the financial means to survive despite the turmoil. The worst affected areas and people are the poorest of the poor, as per usual...

My fellow countrymen, my heart goes out to you!


Tuesday, 29 January 2008

This morning...

For the first time I'm a little despondent. What is happening to this stunning country?

Early this morning an opposition MP was murdered at his front gate to his home. A couple of hours ago, a colleague and I had to go to Ngong Rd for a meeting, but we could not as the road was blocked due to riots taking place. And now, a few minutes ago, we heard the shots being fired - probably at the rioting crowd.

What will we do?

Monday, 28 January 2008

Political comment...

Throughout this political uncertainty and violence that has marred this stunning country that I live in, I've tried to remain calm and keep my opinions to myself. Not wanting to offend anybody, but also not really knowing enough about the country's history to make a educated comment, I've kept my thoughts to myself and kept my opinions guarded. Well, this is about to end. I'm sorry, but enough is enough and I will now air my grievances, no matter how 'uneducated or biased' they are!

Fine, the election was rigged/was not rigged and the presidency was stolen/legitimately obtained.

Fine, people have the right/should not be allowed to protest peacefully about this 'terrible' injustice.

Fine, people like Riala Odinga should boycott discussions with the illegitimate ruler of Kenya based on his strong/idiotic convictions about how the election went down.

Fine, Mwai Kibaki should settle himself into State House and let all hell break loose around him, but not even bother to go to the areas where people are being murdered purely because they belong to a specific tribe.

Fine, let the general people of Kenya suffer because these two pig headed men are in what can actually be referred to as a pissing match! Let the whole tourism industry (employing the bulk of Kenya's population - directly or indirectly) collapse around you while you decide to stand idly by and people are killing each other left right and centre.

Fine, let an economy that took years to build up collapse into non-existence in one short month while your ego's bellow in their pompousness.

Fine, let it all go to hell - at least you have your pride, gentlemen! (Said very loosely!)

I cannot believe that two grown men, trusted by the people of Kenya to rule them have such little regard for the general populous of this country. Surely sitting down and talking about this is more important than getting your ego stroked by a rioting crowd. Surely the safety and security of all people in Kenya - rich, poor, Kikuyu, Kalinjen, Luo, Muzungu, Muhindi - should be the priority, and not winning a pissing match...

I'm upset - this is ridiculous...

Ps: If I've upset anybody with my comments, I'm truly sorry, but I think this has gone far enough. The only people really suffering at the moment is the poor, average Kenyan citizen, and that should stop!

Everybody should have a change to exist in peace.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

A new day brings a new outlook.

A new day has brought some perspective to my 'black hole' of a mind. Yes, it's like a little rainbow went up on the horizon, and I see the light! I've decided that, despite what the CEO's, MD's, Superficial Asslicking SOB's that want to dictate how and when things will happen in my life, I will control where, how and when anything of substance will take place! There - I will now be in control again...
This reminds me of my uncle Piet (My grandfather's youngest brother). He was a wonderfully eccentric man that emigrated to South Africa from Holland at the tender age of 77. At that stage, he decided that he'd had enough of Europe, and needed a change of scenery. Once of twice a month, Dawie and I would drive out to the retirement village in a small town not far away from Pretoria, and spend a Sunday with him. He loved Dawie, loved teasing him and the two of them loved tinkering around in his little garden. (Dawie has green fingers and can make a broom-stick grow, I on the other hand, will kill a fern in seconds) He passed away last year, but before he went, he left me with a few choice 'statements of life'.
1. In dutch he'd say - 'So is dat dan!' (So it is.)
Basically, he meant that if you cannot change something, either accept it, or just don't worry about it. He was so accepting of me and my hubby, and loved spending time with us, and we in turn, loved spending time with him.
2. Fuck-em!
Now, I don't usually swear on my blog, but this was a choice statement made one Sunday. We were at his place for a visit, and late in the afternoon he put Ella Fitzgerald on the Hi-Fi and duly turned up the volume - turned it up quite loud actually. I said to him that the 'old folks' (The other retirement village residents was referred to as old folks by him...) were probably sleeping, afternoon nap time, and that we should turn it down a bit in case we wake them. He looked me straight in the eye and said 'Fuck-em!'. So, if somebody clicks their tongue at me, or gives me and hubby a disapproving glance, we just say...
3. 'Seun, wees geliefd. Maar as dat liefde niet genoeg zein, soek dat rede by jouself'
Roughly translated, and my dutch SUCKS, it means 'Son, be loved. And if love does not seem enough, look for the reason within yourself.' It never really made a lot of sense to me, but it sank in after a while. Allow yourself to be loved! Then, and only then, can you truly love in return.
There is so much else he taught me before he passed away at a young 84, but the one thing that I will carry with me forever, is that you should live every day to the absolute max, and that only you can make a choice to be badly affected by it all. This is my life choice today!
Hope you all have a wonderful, fruitful day!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Work is driving me nuts!

Life has a strange way of 'happening' to you, if you're not in control of your own destiny... Now, I say this with a certain amount of trepidation, as most people believe that destiny is something that happens to us, instead of each one of us being in control ourselves. Your destiny is what you decide it should be, whether that is a conscious decision or not. My life is a case in point, but that is a discussion that needs to take place over a very large plate of tappas and numerous bottles of good red wine...

As per usual, my thoughts on what I want to say, are a little all over the place, but the main thing that's bugging me at the moment, is that I do not feel in control of my destiny at the moment. I'm at the mercy of other people, people I do not necessarily trust to make the best decisions for me. The new financial year is currently being planned and laid out, and as there is a global recession looming (Thank you, Mr Bush) there is a bit of a knee yerk reaction from the 'bosses' in Cape Town. As usual, I have a rosy outlook on life (has always served me well!) and also on what should happen with the business - how it should expand, how it should be run (people orientated, not profit orientated), what should be done and what should be dropped. Obviously, they do not agree with me... Maybe I do not have the big picture in front of me, but surely I have some 'on the ground experience' that is worth something?

Sorry, just feeling a little 'dejected' at the moment... Will snap out of it soon.

Hope y'all have a really pretty day now!


Wednesday, 16 January 2008

On the road again...

Was there not a song by that title a few milenia ago? Anyway, I'm on the road again this week. Flying to Johannesburg and connecting to Cape Town today, and will be away from my PC for this week. (Well, will be carrying it with me, but will be too busy to connect to Blogger...)

Not really looking forward to this trip, but at least I get to spend the weekend with the man.

If I were to calculate the amount of time I've spent on travelling in the last few years, I wonder what else I could have done in all that time? I'm sure there are people on this earth who spend more time than me in a plane, but it all get's so utterly tedious. Yes, the nurses (sorry Lewis) on the plane are always nice, and getting to see all sorts of interisting places is a bonus, but getting to airports, waiting to board in lounges, waiting for connecting flights, getting from airports to hotels, catching a taxi or getting a rental... 'Aggenee man', I'm tired of it all. Can somebody please invent a 'teleporter'!

Hope y'all have a pretty day & weekend!


Monday, 14 January 2008

News and stuff.

Life has settled down again, and I'm fully into the swing of things here in Nairobi. As I promised in my previous post, I have quite a bit of news to share...

Let's start with the holidays. It was mostly wonderful, with a few glitches along the way. Firstly my dad was admitted to hospital for an emergency operation a day after his birthday, and this left a bit of strain. He's fine now, but you do worry about your folks when they start getting on in years. Then, a dear friend was also admitted after Christmas, and was diagnosed with a malfunctioning liver. He's had yellow fever a few years ago, and this in turn damaged his liver functions, and with all the rich food and festivities over the Christmas season, this just aggravated the matter. Well, at least now we have a another designated driver when we go out for the evening. His life partner has diabetes and was always the poor bugger that had to drive, as he never consumed anything that might affect him badly! And that, my dear friends, is all the bad news!

The good news - Dawie and I bought a new home this season. It's a lovely new development in Pretoria that is big enough for us but not so big that it becomes a menace. Lovely finishing -tiled right trough, marble tops for kitchen and bathrooms, lots of cupboard space, down lighters right trough the house, good fixtures and fittings and well built. So, that move is booked for March. Hubby is already planning the layout of the new garden and deck, so I can already see that our weekends for the next while being occupied...

The other big news is that I've accepted a new post in Cape Town. This will start from March as well, and would mean that I get to spend every weekend at home, which is a hell of a lot more than at the moment. Will fly up to Johannesburg every Friday, and back to Cape Town every Sunday - it's only a two hour flight after all... The post is going to be a challenge, and will involve a lot of travel (besides the weekly commute) but I'm looking forward to it, and at least I get to spend more time with my family.

The truth is that I'll miss Kenya and living here. Despite the recent turmoil in the country, it is still a phenomenal place to live and work - and my heart is already heavy when it comes to my staff members, they are all such great guys! Will miss them terribly...

Oh well, must get back to the grindstone. No rest for the wicked, and I'm still flying to Cape Town this week, so time is limited.

Hope y'all have a fab day!


Ps: Picture is of this weekend - we had a picnic in the garden... Life is HELL in Africa!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Back in Nairobi, back on-line...

Lets first scream it from the rooftops - HAPPY NEWYEAR to all! Hope that 2008 will bring a time for dreams to come true, love to be abundant and happiness to prevail always!

Then, to all of the people that have enquired about my safety in light of the events after the general elections in Kenya, I'm fine, thank you! It is still a bit tense in Nairobi, but in general I feel safe and secure. My heart does go out to all the people affected by this tragedy thought, and my sincerest condolences to those who lost loved ones in the senseless and stupid violence! Lets hope that the politicians come to their senses soon...

My holiday was phenomenal, but I feel this is not the right time to talk about this. Too much happening right now to keep my mind occupied - and the need to visit all my 'bloggin' friends to see what's going on in the world.

Will share one little thing thought - Dawie and I have become parents again! Her name is Jessica (Jess for short) and she is a pocket Yorkshire Terrier! She has the heart of a lion, and Jason (our 7 year old boy) has grown to love her too - although id did take him a few days... She weighed a full 400 grams when we got her (at eight weeks old), but she's now (four weeks later) touching 600 grams, and healthy and fit! Her estimated size will be aprox. 1.1 to 1.2 kg when she is fully grown... Is she not the cutest thing!!!!
Well, got a ton of email to respond to, and get back to work at some stage.
Hope y'all are well and happy!