No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Friday, 20 June 2008

A very frustrating week...

It's been one of those weeks were you wish that EVERYBODY would just piss off and go and flush themselves down the toilet. The stress at work is getting crazy - too much to do with too little time and a very sick hubby at home that needs attention all the time, stress at home getting a little too much - very sick hubby that is frustrated because I tend to be overprotective and then he gets frustrated with me, and all of this with a three hour commute every day due to the loving government that are working on every single access route into Johannesburg for the 2010 soccer world cup... At least by 2010 traffic will be a breeze - mostly 'cause everybody's dead due to road rage! (Not to mention the price of fuel!)

At least from next week I can work mostly from home as there are fewer meetings to attend and less 'in office' tasks to complete. And my PA will be more comfortable with her job description so she will not need me to be there all the time - poor thing only started this week. (Apparently I'm mean and very bombastic! Not really, just very demanding...) God bless the inventors of the Internet/broadband and telephones!

Long story short - looking forward to a weekend of doing as little as possible. Spending time indoors with my man, and just pottering around the house.

Hope y'all have a loverly weekend as well!


Monday, 16 June 2008

An update part two.

Firstly, to everyone that has sent me notes, text messages (guys, remember the time differences OK!), phone calls etc etc - thanks a stack! Y'all are really wonderful people.

It's been a few days of up's and down's but mostly up's. Hubby is a lot better (he's starting with his fussy ways again...) and we are home - our domestic worker has offered to stay over the weekend (even thought it was a long weekend in SA) to help me and to make sure that I also get some rest. The meds etc are quite demanding and meals have to be served at certain times and with certain ingredients. Something we've never done before, so this is quite the adjustment. We used to be very happy go lucky with meals and mostly ate when and if we felt like it. Anyway, at least it a square 6 meals a day now...

On the health front - he's breathing better and sleeping better because of that. The surgery scars are still very painful but the stitches are out and the specialist says it's looking good. He's picked up another 3 kilos (and I've picked up a kilo as well - eating in sympathy!). All in all, its still not nearly easy, but it's getting better every day.

As for work - the new post is great but very demanding - but the bosses understand that my priorities lie somewhere else at the moment. They've cancelled all my travel arrangements until the end of July in order for me to be home for a bit - good guys then. And I get to work from home if I want to, as long as the results stay the same. RESULT!

Hope y'all are well and happy and none of my US friends have been fried to a frazzle in that little heat wave.

Will keep y'all posted.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

A little update...

It's been about two weeks since I've posted anything on 'me little blog'... Sorry, but it's been a really crazy, crazy couple of weeks here and my priorities have been elsewhere.

Dawie is home and recovering at the moment. He had to undergo a biopsy on his lungs and is still very sore and can't really move to well. The most important thing is that they FINALLY figured out what has caused his severe weight loss and his general 'bad health' - it also does not help that he is quite proud and has not been completely honest with our doc - but that is a different post for another time.

He has a variation of TB - something similar to a birdflu that he most probably got when he was working all over rural KZN. This is causing him mayor weight loss (he truly is as thin as a rake!) and also caused him great difficulty breathing. He also did not have a good reaction to the anastethic and had to spend four days in ICU for post op recovery - I must be honest, in front of him I was very brave, but behind his back I honestly thought I was going to lose him. As I'm typing this, my eyes are filling with tears again - I would not want to live without him - ever...

Anyway, that was last week and as we speak we have moved in with my parents in order for my mom to keep an eye on him during the day while I go to work. (Thank the Good Lord for wonderful parents!) It won't be for too long - maybe until the weekend, because we also need our space. His recovery will be a long and very involved process (About two years according to the specialists), but we can already see an improvement and he's picked up a whole 2 kilo's in a week, so mom is feeding him well!!!!

Not going to go on too long as I'm trying to type this while he takes a nap - I'm just glad he's getting better... Thank you to everybody who has sent me notes of encouragement, love and support - we both appreciate this so much.

I will try and post more regularly to keep y'all updated.