No longer in Kenya (aaah!) but still a Kenyan at heart...

Friday, 26 October 2007

My loving, wonderful parents.

Travelling the world, I've experienced such a variety of cultures and different people (and varied views) that sometimes the lines get a little blurred. With me not being able to 'out' myself to anyone here in Kenya (except for a select few) and having to be guarded in my interactions with people in general is just so completely out of character for me. Hate it being back in the closet, so to speak...

I've been out to my parents from the age of 18, long before it became socially acceptable to have gay children, and way before it became fashionable to have at least one gay friend in your group. I remember my mom's reaction so well, and now, looking back at this, I'm feel a certain level of pride well up in me. You see, today my hubby is having his driving licence renewed in SA, and as the ques are a lot shorter in the town where my folks live instead of in Pretoria, we drive there to have it done - using their address and details in the process. Then hubby is joining my mom and aunt for their Friday ritual lunch - mom says at least she gets to spend time with one of her sons... (I'm the only boy - my two sisters live close to 'home' and get to see my folks quite often.) The relationship between my folks and my hubby is wonderful, especially since a previous relationship nearly led to me and my parents never speaking again. (This is a long story, and would require a post when and if I ever feel like sharing that part of history...)

Was it smooth sailing all the way with my folks? No, not at all, but as we all got a little older and a lot wiser, things changed and everybody made the right decision to include each other in each others lives. Now we can proudly stand up together as a family, hold our heads high and face the world as one, united family that will be there for each other till the end of time.

Have a blessed weekend!

Ps: Pic of a 'family' of Zebra - thought it would be appropriate...

Thursday, 25 October 2007

This week.

This week is filled with - yes you've got it - work! Pretty much all I'm doin' at the moment, what with another board (read: bored) meeting early next month, and monthly reports and mergers nothing else doing really. Well, except for tonight, making dinner for two female work mates that are here from Cape Town - Chicken and Prawn Curry with Coconut milk, A nice mixed salad with rocket and pecorini cheese, and dessert will be chocolate brownies with instant 'icecream' (frozen bananas and strawberries that get blitzed with yogurt and honey) and chocolate sauce with amaretto.(Small portions - not going to spoil all that hard work of the last few months with the waistline...)

My big weakness is food. Yes, I'm a food addict and will sell my soal (not really, but nearly) for a good piece of chocolate cake...It takes great restraint from me to not walk into the chocolate aisle at the local grocery store and just fill a basket with an assortment of Belgian delicacies. So, every morning when I have my fruit smoothie for breakfast I tell myself that it's all worth it in order for me not to look like Demmis Roussos. Never really thought that a moo moo was my thing... (How scary is it that I even know who Demmis Roussos is...)

Back to the subject at hand - In the last two months I've lost a total of 8kg - meaning I look more like I should and not like you could throw me on my side, put lights on me and call me the Goodyear blimp... This was achieved by just eating sensibly and not doing my whole bit of eating when I'm depressed, sad, happy, elated, lonely, with company etc etc. Basically, using food as a crutch. And obviously (Well, not for me) exercise three times a week.

Feeling better, have more energy, looking better, sleeping better and working better!

That's all for now folks, hope y'all have a fruitful day!


Monday, 22 October 2007

Rugby and the weekend.

I was so proud of my mother country this weekend, and actually had a tear in my eye when the 'bokke' lifted President Thabo Mbeki on their shoulders and he lifted the world cup! Wow, what a wonderful experience and a wonderful game! Well done guys, you've done us proud!
And as for England:
What is red and white and goes BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP?
The English victory bus reversing back into the 'grudge' !
Hope y'all have a fruitful day now,

Friday, 19 October 2007

A fruitful weekend y'all!

This weekend will be spent with friend, all who have rallied around me 'cause my trip to my hubby was cancelled. It seems they have all decided that I cannot be alone this weekend, as I will fall into the deepest of depressions and inflict grievous bodily harm to myself with copious amounts of red cooldrink and chocolate Bonn-bonns...

So, a seafood dinner tonight with N & A, breakfast with E on Saturday morning, rugby finals (GO BOKKE!) on Saturday eve, lunch with Ida and Budgie (No, he is a human being!) on Sunday, and then hopefully some alone time on Sunday eve, in time for another crazy week at work. As much as I appreciate this from my dear, dear friends, me thinks I will enter next week a little more tired than I depart this one...

Well, for the fear of sounding like I'm complaining with the golden spoon stuck squarely in my gob, I will now sign off.

Sincerely hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Since I've been 'really bad' at bloggin' lately, me thought me would try and at least put something in here today, even if it's completely silly and without substance! (How that is different from what I usually post I cannot explain, but just bear with me...)

Today was one of those days where I should have killed the alarm clock this morning and should have stayed in bed. One of my senior guys at the office came in this morning and gave me his resignation. Off to Iraq on a contract soon, and he feels this would challenge him no end. (Me thinks it's got something to do with the substantial pay package they offering him, but ok.) Kev was one of the guys I really relied on, and he's going to be missed greatly. Now the process of looking for a new guy starts, and you don't just find someone of his calibre behind every bush. Oh well, good luck and keep safe!

My dear hubby is also travelling this week (again!) and is also away from home. He travels a hell of a lot for work (away for three weeks in a month), and he's also really tired at the moment. We both are really. We've decided that instead of travelling to Namibia for our December break, we will be staying at home (Pretoria) and just chill. Cannot tell y'all how much I'm looking forward to this. Besides, Jason will be happy as he won't have to visit Grandma (read: My mom) for three weeks. As it is between the two of us never being at home, he basically lives at Grandma's, and seems ever so reluctant to leave when he's picked up. I know my mom spoils him rotten, and he get's to sleep in my parents bed instead of his basket on the floor where he should be sleeping. Well at least my mother gets to spend time with her 'grandchild', and he gets to spend time with my mom's bunch of girls! (Three daschund bitches - 16 years young, 12 years old and Peanut - the youngest little ball of love and terror!)
Ok, been rambling on but better get home now.
Hope y'all have a fruitful evening!

Monday, 15 October 2007


The weekend was spent with little else in mind than the fact that my trip to SA for the end of this week had to be cancelled due to urgent work that needs to take place here in Nairobi, meaning that it will be another few weeks before I get to see my man again. I cannot tell y'all how dissapointed I am. And telling him on Friday night over the phone was worse... We both miss each other so much it hurts, and then this. Really don't know how much longer I can stand not being with him all the time. He is such a pillar in my life, keeping everything in balance. It just feels pretty crappy to be away from 'home' at the moment. Also does not help that I'm tired and a little overworked at the mo...

Otherwise, I spent some time this weekend catching the world cup rugby semi finals between France and England, and South Africa and Argentina. I must be completly honest, rugby is not my favourite sport (Cricket is!) but I do love to watch 'my boys' play. And did they play! It was not the 'prettiest' rugby match I've ever seen, but the guys really did use every oppertunity given them by Argentina. Now for the weekend and the final!

Will be planning a trip to SA for a weekend soon. This weekend and next will not be possible, but maybe I can fly down for the weekend after that, even if it's only for Saturday and Sunday. Really just need to be close to my man for a bit. After all, it's only a four hour flight. (Plus an hour in traffic to the airport in Nairobi, plus two hours for check in, plus an hour in Johannesburg to get trought passport control, plus an hour in traffic to Pretoria...)

Hope y'all have a fruitful day, filled with love.


Monday, 8 October 2007

Of travels, home, life and being busy.

It's been a crazy few days (again) the last week, with me rushing to Kampala to finilize a business deal, and getting stuck in the whole CHOGM mess in Kampala/Entebbe. You see, at the end of the month, the Commonwealth Heads of State General Meeting takes place in Kampala, and the Queen (The british one) is also going to be there, so all these preperations are being done at the moment to make the city pretty... What tihs basically means is that no matter where you go, you get stuck in terrible traffic jams that just do not move... And it's hot! Very hot!
Enough bitchin' - planning my trip down to Cape Town at the moment for the last two 10 days of this month. Will be in Cape Town for work, but at least the weekends will be spent with hubby in Pretoria - only a two hour flight one way, so will be relatively painless. Picture is of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand. Really pretty place, just don't want to live there...
Anyway, been trying to get this published for the last few hours and getting interupted all the time, so gonna be a bit haphazard...
Hope y'all have a really fruitful day!
Ps: Gay Pride week in SA at the moment - hope y'all have a blast boys/girls!!!